What Is Viral Marketing?

You are probably wondering why you should use viral marketing to drive traffic to
your website. You have probably already heard about viral marketing and So, what
is viral marketing, and why should you care? Is this just another fad that will soon
fade away?

In short, viral marketing involves getting other people to willingly spread your
message for you. People who like what you have done tell other people, and the
message spreads from person to person like a virus. When that happens, it is
referred to as your message “going viral”.

It relies heavily on word of mouth advertising; someone sees or reads what you have
to offer and tells a couple of their friends. Their friends see or read your message
and they tell a couple of their friends, and they tell a couple of their friends, and so
on. The number of people who are aware of you and your message increases
exponentially. The more people hear about your site, the faster your traffic grows.
How large will it grow? There is really no way to tell. The only real limit to the
amount of traffic possible is how many people your site host can handle.
Just think about how quickly it could spread. If one person saw your message and
told 2 people, who told 2 people, who told 2 people, and it continued, your message
would very quickly be in front of thousands of people. If each person just told two
other people, it could grow very quickly. Remember that old shampoo commercial?
“I told two friends, and they told two friends and so on…”

Now just imagine if you started with 100 people spreading your message, or 1,000
people. You can see that it doesn’t take long before hundreds of thousands, or even
millions of people are aware of who you are, and better still, are visiting your website and buying your products or services.

Viral marketing effectively taps into pre-existing social networks that your customers
are already using. By creating something that is worth talking about and passing
along, you create a “buzz” that spreads across the internet, and traffic floods to your
site to see what the buzz is about. Once they are there, if they like what they see,
they pass the information along, and the buzz continues to grow.

Word of mouth marketing is by far the most effective way to get word out about
your site. People will listen to others that they already know and trust much more
readily than they will listen to you. These people do not know you, so why should
they trust what you are telling them? After all, you might be likely to say anything
in order to make a sale. However, they will listen to a friend or family member,
especially if the person spreading the word does not have anything to gain by telling
them. It is just a friend passing along a great deal they found, or some useful or
interesting information.

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